MIR® Raceline has always been at the kart driver service and more generally car driver, with specifically designed solutions designed for each client.

The passion for motorsport is the engine of a company that bases its story on 'craftsmanship and the quality of products to offer all drivers a service and skills as complete as possible.

The MIR® Raceline has developed over the years various production lines that allow you to offer customers all the necessary accessories to drive on the track and experience the 360 ° paddock with footwear and apparel for sport but also for free time.

Our company puts in every single product all the experience gathered on the track in the wake of the best drivers and motorsport teams, day after day, to allow MIR® to develop and implement innovative systems. These ideas make MIR® products Raceline super technological, safe, advanced enough to allow the company to be a world leader in terms of research and development.

Our Story

1978 -

MIR® Raceline was founded in 1983, but its story begins a few years before and is rooted in high fashion. It dates back to 1978 the creation, at the hands of Bruno Mazzeschi, of "Sabina Packs": a small tailoring workshop in which took shape dresses by internationally renowned designers such as Versace, Armani, Coveri, Biagiotti.

1990 -

The final conversion of production to the world of motorsport takes place in 1990, following a growing demand from drivers and teams from around the world have begun to appreciate the quality of products MIR® Raceline.

2000 -

The Italian company, from its first experiences in the sport, has dressed drivers like Alonso, Kubica, Rosberg and Hamilton, picking up countless titles, which have made it a reference point for all motorsports team. The company over the years has maintained the craftsmanship of its products, but has never stopped looking for solutions that revolutionizing them, improving safety, aesthetics and comfort for the drivers:  from here they are born brilliant insights like the inserts transpiration,  elastic fabric, fabric neon for commissioners, preformed sleeves and chest protectors made with innovative and exclusive padding, that have marked the past and will mark the future of a company always on the move.

2016 -

Today MIR® produces about 14,000 suits per year (11,000 for karting and 3,000 for racing), including those from 2011 also for official events of the CIK-FIA Federation. The company is therefore as one of the best and most competitive factory at the national level and, as a result of the exponential growth of the sales network all over the world and the constant collaboration with the Federation Karting, also international level.


Solutions think for every customer

MIR® Raceline has always been at the karting service and more generally car driver, with solutions specifically designed for each client. The passion for motorsport is the engine of a company that makes craftsmanship and quality of its products and service to the drivers an essential goal.

  • Customization for each clothes and accessories
  • Industry Experience
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Safety
  • Professional Service